Stop the zerosumming! (transcript)

Life is not a zero sum game. Happiness is not some finite resource that you have to distributes between people. Sadly, it’s common for people to divides people into groups. By for exampe race, gender, age, nationality or whatever. And believe that the dignity and happiness of one group is depending on pushing down another group.

I call this bullshit “zerosumming”.
I just made up the word.

Sometimes, a person or group has to stand back so another person or group can get their fair share. But the goal must always be to have room for everybody. Having people stand back and never be a goal in itself.

Sometimes it’s necessary evil. But that’s it.

Get rid of the zerosumming!

Oh, and with “room for everybody”, I mean here in this world that we all share. And ought to share on good terms. I do not mean that there should be room for everybody everywhere at all times. There is a time and place for everything,
and people need their own spaces.


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