Gaming: Temple Run 2 Leveling Strategy Guide

Going outside my usual topics, here’s how to beat a certain smartphone game. 🙂

The short version:
* Unlock Scarlett Fox as quickly as possible, to get the “boost” power-up.
* Once you have it, always use Boost.
* Once you have bought everything else, use the big head start as often s possible.
* You will reach level 9 once you have been running 10.000.000 meters.
* You get levels by doing achievements. There are three available at a time. Eventually you will only have one achievement left to do: Infinirunner, which is to run a total of 10.000.000 meters. Thus, when you are level 8 and the bar to level 9 is almost full, you may still actually have three quarters of the actual way to level 9 left.

Hi there. This video is for people who play the smartphone game Temple Run 2, and want to reach level 9 as quickly as possible. If you haven’t played the game, you might want to try it out. It’s free. By the way, leveling strategy is all I’m going to talk about in this video. No social commentary this time.

So, okay. You want to get to level 9 as fast as possible. And there’s really only one strategy for that. You need to run ten million meters, that’s it.

If you are new to the game, buy a few cheap money power-ups first. And then as fast as possible unlock the character Scarlett Fox. You don’t need to play her, you just need to unlock her. Because theer are several different power-ups in this game you can use one at a time. And you need to have the one called “boost”, the one you get from unlocking Scarlett Fox.

You need to have Boost on at all times, or almost all times. If you need another power-up for some achievement or whatever, go for it. But switch back to Boost as quickly as possible.

Once you have Scarlett Fox, buy all the regular upgrades, then unlock all other characters. Once you have bought everything, just keep using the big* Head Start as often as possible.

The key here is to avoid the temptation to use the coin magnet or the shield as your pre-selected power-up. Doing so would make your early game easier, you don’t have THAT much use for boost. But it would come back and haunt you later. Keep using boost instead, and you will reach level 9 much quicker. Good luck.

To make it less simple, the game works like this. You reach new levels by completing achievements. There will be three achievements available each time. So you must complete them a bit in order. And it goes quick at first, less and less quick later. But eventually there will only be one achievement left to complete, and that will be the one called “Infinirunner” – where you’re supposed to run ten million meters. You will complete ALL other achievements much faster: You might have three quarters left to do on infinirunner once you have completed everything else. So, just keep running… just like the name of the game says.

In general, there are three kinds of achievements. It’s the “Do something” achievemnents, “do something now” achievements, and “do something in your lifetime achievements”.

The “Do something” achievements are very simple. For example, it can be “run a thousand meters”. And if you only run five hundred meters, then just run twice. No problem.

The second kind is a bit trickier. If it’s about running a thousand meters, you have to do that in one run. So you might have to practice a bit. I don’t really have any advice here, just “practice makes perfect”. And use different preselected power-ups if you have to. Just remember to switch back, once you are done with that achievement. And use the daily challenges as well… I mean, they can be fun, and they give some extra money for head start and such.

So, that’s pretty much it. Have fun.

( * = This is assuming you gather enough coins on your runs. If you can’t affoard the big head start every second run or so, it’s better to use the small head start.)

  1. Smaranda said:

    Is there a level 10? I reached level 9, and apart from daily and weekly quests, I don’t see a reason to play this game anymore.


  2. blackjpl6 said:

    Great advice… I hadn’t unlocked any character

  3. Xzenu said:

    Smaranda: As far as I know, 9 is the end of leveling. Your recommended new goal is to get your highscore as high as possible. My best so far is something like 68k meters and 25 million points. Sadly I can’t check the exact number, because…

    My own goal is to find a way to take backups of the save file. My temple run 2 android app has crashed completely on me twice. First time I had to delete and reinstall the app. Second time it started working again with the recent update – but I still had to start over at level 1.

    blackjpl6: Cool. I wouldn’t have unlocked any either, except for my favorite Karma Lee, if I hadn’t found out that I need Scarlet Fox for boost.

  4. Yyoung_moneyY said:

    Great advice…thanks…I am also struggling to get infinirunner as well…got everythingelse already

  5. satish said:

    All I have left is infinirunner for level 8.

  6. pakee said:

    how to achieve objectives in level 9…

  7. Daryl said:

    There is a level 10. I am on it.

    • Yup!
      I am level 9 since quite some time, on my way to level 10. I don’t have Infinirunner yet, because of the crash mentioned above, but I do have it 82 % complete.

      My advice is still relevant for many players, because the infinirunner achievement will still be the final obstacle to reaching level 10. 🙂

      What do you have left on your way to level 10?

  8. Stunner76 said:

    Just got Infinirunner tonight!! Of course it means much less than it once did. I think before it got you to level 9, giving you the gem bonus. But since then they came out with additional objectives (masks, rings, gifts, etc), and so I was already level 10 when I completed Infinirunner.

    If I had to do all over again, this would be my Infinirunner strategy. Get Usain Bolt, have the gem power to make sure Usain has a good supply of gems at all times. Make sure Bolt power is maxed out. And the last ingredient is know the sliding “glitch” which, after using any boost/bolt speed, you keep sliding beyond the powers duration. This will make you keep going turbo speed, but you lose your invincibility, so inevitably you will die. But, if you can usually get an addition 500-1000 meters each time, and if you get good you can get additional thousands of meters very quickly. As a bonus, if you die with the glitch, upon using a “save me” he runs faster than he normally would had you not glitched and resurrected, which is much faster than the normal speed when you start the game.

    Aside from that, you just gotta put in the time. I think I was averaging 4000m per minute, and roughly 100K meters every 25 minutes. So, doing the math, it still takes some time, but I think this is the fastest way to get there. One last tip, sometimes when you glitch, if you stop sliding at just the right time, he will run at a very fast speed, yet not super speed. The result is you actually have time to maneuver him to avoid dying, and rack up thousands of meters. It’s very difficult to do though, I never mastered it, but got it a number of times just by luck.

    With that said, I retire from this game as I have completed everything and attained everything there is (until the next update of course, or TR3 🙂

    • Stunner76 said:

      Should also mention per the above tips, you cannot glitch on the ropes or in the water. They will actually break your creation of the glitch if you hit them while sliding – I always hated that!! Also don’t waste your time gem powering the bolt power (which is what you should always use with Usain) because this preserves your gems for “save me’s”- and always start off with the 2000 head start so you can start your glitch right away. Use a different runner with the Gem Bonus (fully gem charged) to re-stock your gems for Usain.

      Few more tips (they just keep coming to me), when running super speed, I find I get longer runs by jumping after turning each corner. You often jump over some obstacle by luck. Continually duck down if going super speed in the water or the tunnels and stay to one side – better to have a 50/50 chance to live than sure death down the middle.

    • Xzenu said:


      I’ll check out your glitch once I have reached infinirunner. Less than 9% to go now. And I’m already level 10 as well. Infinirunner was needed for level 10 when the rings were the only artifacts. But not now with the achievement from the masks.

      I personally wouldn’t prefer to use a glitch or a costs-real-money power-up to get the achievement. As you pointed out, the game is kinda over once one gets Infinirunner. However, my new goal is to get as long runs as possible. My current personal best is 120.000 meters, without using any glitches or such. Hoping to one day get 250.000, but I probably need a better phone for that. My current one lags a bit sometimes, which is bad in the long run. 😀

    • amal said:

      may i know about “sliding glitch”?
      i am still confuse,tell me, i’m going crazy to finish level 8 TR 2

  9. Jordan said:

    I cannot find the last ring and it’s irking me! I’m pretty sure I found them all when I had an android phone, I think I did make it to level 9 on that phone but have since switched to an iphone and it’s KILLING me that I can’t find that last ring. It’s not even important to the game but that stupid ring is obstinate and I HAVE to have it. But I’m on level 9 and I definitely haven’t completed the infinirunner… Some of this stuff seems a little conflicting. but I’ve been stuck on level 9 for the longest time… because my challenges are daily dozen, mega runner and all the rings! Taking forever to complete! I think I have 10/12 daily challenges, 617/1000 runs, and 9/10 rings. This is taking forever!

  10. karthik rajan said:

    I completed infirunner is there any other level

    • xcbeskow said:

      Not at the moment. But I am sure there will be more levels as the game gets new updates.

  11. Rebecca said:

    I am currently on level 9 however in the process of completing this game it is incredible how addictive the game actually is. When I am playing the game I tend to focus on the pattern of the game, pay attention to when you have to jump and turn corners.

    My current highest score is

    Most amount of coins

    Longest run

    This post is a great guide to temple run fans and the practice makes perfect part is 100% accurate.

    Good luck runners!

  12. Boyd said:

    Where does it say what level you are?

  13. NIma said:

    In this post very helpful for all temple run gamer. So thank you so much for share this post.

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